US approves groundbreaking NZ eczema cream

A cream made from natural New Zealand
ingredients clinically proven to treat eczema
is set to help millions of American sufferers,
after US Food and Drug Accreditation.
Atopis’ Eczema Therapy Cream has been
seven years in the making and will soon be
sold online to American customers.
The FDA approval is a first for a New
Zealand-developed over-the-counter
pharmaceutical skincare cream.
Clinical trials in the US and New Zealand
showed the cream – so natural you can eat it –
successfully treats eczema without containing
any steroids, parabens, or solvents.
The cream is the culmination of knowledge
amassed from more than 30 years of
research and pharmaceutical development by
Auckland scientist Dr Iona Weir, CEO of Bionona.
“It’s taken a long time to get here, but it is
just so rewarding to know I have created a
natural product that is scientifically proven to
help people. Now we are going into America,
it can help even more. The FDA
accreditation is a coup for our company as
well as for New Zealand.”
Dr Weir has used mainly native ingredients
from her surroundings in the Waitakere
forests for the eczema cream and her
patented method to extract nutrients from
ingredients including bee pollen, coconut,
honeydew and bacteria grown in New
Zealand forests.
She’s worked to harness the natural cell
repairing processes of plants to treat topical skin conditions.
“I wanted to create something completely
natural, but that could still get proven results
from robust clinical tests on humans. We’ve
gone through the world’s most rigorous
clinical testing to prove that this is a natural
product which actually works.
“By opening up to one of the biggest markets
in the world, a New Zealand-made product
can now help people treat their eczema with
a clinically-proven, natural product. Eczema
treatment is a multi-billion dollar market in
the US and we now have the opportunity to
be part of it.”
The Atopis Eczema Therapy Cream will be
available in the USA alongside existing key
products, including Acne Prone Skin Care
and Anti-Aging Cream. The Dry Itchy Skin
Relief Cream is only available in Australasia
and is the same product as the Atopis
Eczema Therapy Cream.
The new Atopis Eczema Therapy Cream will
be available in the USA online in early 2018.