Shared Care Records now accessible by ED staff at Palmerston North Hospital

Emergency department staff at Palmerston North Hospital can now view key parts of patients’ general practice records, if they have opted in via a participating practice in the MidCentral or Whanganui district.
These records are Shared Care Records (SCR), and provide a summary of key health information so clinicians treating a patient in the Emergency Department are better placed to make safe and sound clinical decisions based on knowledge of a patient’s allergies, medications and health conditions.
The SCR has been operational in the MidCentral DHB district for the last five years but was previously only accessible to general practice teams. Now emergency department staff can get up to speed quickly on a patient’s relevant health history.
Capital & Coast, Hutt Valley and Wairarapa are already successfully operating a joint SCR. The SCR is free for all patients enrolled in participating practices and over 80 percent of the enrolled population in the MidCentral district have taken it up.
“It serves as the back bone to the well-received Patient Portal which provides patients with enhanced access to primary care services,” says Dr Nader Fattah, GP and Central PHO’s SCR and Patient Portal clinical lead.
“The SCR as a clinical tool enables a seamless transition of care, for example from GP to a hospital specialist. When I discuss the SCR with my patients, many not only expect it, but assume this has been happening already. Now the technology and processes supporting it are in place to make it a reality.”
All data in the SCR is stored securely in a New Zealand-based data centre and can be accessed only by authorised health professionals at point of care. Any patient can opt out at any time or withhold specific information by calling the free phone number 0800 787 664. More information is available from the SCR website