Pharmaco (NZ) Ltd awarded sole supply for blood glucose meters and strips for the second time

Kiwi healthcare specialist Pharmaco (NZ)
Limited has been awarded the New Zealand
sole supplier agreement for blood glucose
meters and strips by PHARMAC following a
public consultation in July and August this year.
The new agreement covers an expanded
range of CareSens Blood Glucose Meters,
with enhanced technology, and associated
test strips. It will start 1 February 2018 and
runs to 30 June 2022, and supports around
265,000 New Zealanders who live with Type
1 or Type 2 diabetes1 and rely on meters to
monitor their blood glucose.
Sole supply for blood glucose meters and
strips was first granted to Pharmaco (NZ)
Limited in July 2012 and this second
agreement will be for a wider range of four
fully funded meters to suit different needs,
compared to three previously.
Chandra Selvadurai, Managing Director,
Pharmaco (NZ) Limited says the decision
shows great trust in the hard work and
service the company has provided over the last five years:
“We are delighted to have been given the
opportunity to continue to support people in
New Zealand who live with diabetes and
depend on this technology daily for their
health and well-being,” he says.
“It means we are able to introduce enhanced
technology and more choice based on the
partnership we have developed with i-SENS,
a world leader in biosensor technology.
“The new agreement also brings continuity
in that almost 85 percent of users can
continue to use the meter they already have
and others will be supported as they move to
other funded products based on their
eligibility. This will mean minimal additional
workload to prescribers and other healthcare professionals.”
The new sole supply agreement comes in the
same year as Pharmaco (NZ) Limited’s 50th
anniversary as an independent Kiwi owned
healthcare business.
The company was originally incorporated in
1967 and was established to give New
Zealanders access to the best healthcare
products from around the world by
representing overseas organisations in this
market. Pharmaco specialises in sales,
marketing, regulatory and distribution
services. It represents over 2,500 products
and is a partner to more than twenty leading
companies from Europe, the US, Asia and Australasia.
It’s involvement in diabetes over the last five
years has led it to create a new division,
Pharmaco Diabetes2, and community
initiatives to support people managing their
diabetes, or facing a diagnosis, which can
often be traumatic.
“One of our core values at Pharmaco is that
everything we do is always from the heart so
as a sole supplier we wanted to give back to
the community, by helping people manage
what can be a debilitating condition with
huge impact,” Mr Selvadurai adds.
“This led to a partnership with the YMCA to
launch Jumpstart, an exercise, nutrition and
lifestyle education programme for people
with diabetes, which has helped almost 1,000
people in the last two and a half years,” he says.
“Jumpstart has been enormously successful
and now operates four times a year at 14
YMCAs across the country.
Prior to the roll-out of the new sole supply
agreement on 1 February 2018, Pharmaco
will commence training of all its
representatives and other healthcare
professionals across the country about the
new meters, and will introduce a newly
developed online and interactive training system.
“Funded and developed by Pharmaco, this
will be a training portal that uses videos, QAs
and pass/fail tests to monitor examinees as
they reach a pass mark and become fully
trained. This will be a free online service for
any professional involved with diabetes. In
the near future, we aim to provide similar
training to consumers.”
The new sole supply agreement covers four
CareSens fully funded meters for eligible
users and their associated test strips,
including one dual meter that tests for both
blood glucose and ketones:
• CareSens N
• CareSens N POP
• CareSens N Premier, with Bluetooth
• CareSens Dual, for both blood glucose and
ketones and with Bluetooth
People who need to transition between
meters will be able to do so over a six month
period between 1st February 2018 and 31st July 2018.