Navilluso Medical continues to pave the way forward for innovative digital health programmes

Over the next two years, $1.4 million will be allocated to a pilot for improving access to health care services and resource for those living in isolated or difficult to reach communities. This new model of care is called MAiHEALTH and will be evaluated
at the end of the project term.
Navilluso Medical is led by Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year Dr Lance O’Sullivan. He developed iMOKO, an innovative digital health programme that utilises technology to deliver high quality basic health services with a focus on communities with high needs particularly vulnerable children.
“We aspire to create health outcomes that address issues like inequity and access and that allow us to deliver better health to more people for less cost. This new partnership is an opportunity to further develop an innovative digital health programme by New Zealand for New Zealand,” says Dr O’Sullivan.
Navilloso Medical intends to develop the first national digital health centre, based and run out of Kaitaia in the Far North. Doing so will create potential to promote regions in parts of New Zealand as bonified and legitimate bases when considering where to operate innovative businesses such as MAiHEALTH.
Dr O’Sullivan says it is time health services caught up with the technology changes that have influenced every other part of our lives.
“It is about getting our country healthier in ways that are quicker, smarter and more economical.”