Kiwi-designed app puts cancer patients in control

A Kiwi-designed digital solution helping
advanced stage renal cancer patients manage
their treatment has already been adopted by
New Zealand patients and is catching on
quickly across the Tasman.
Advanced stage renal cancer can be an
aggressive and debilitating disease. Patients
are often burdened with the added stress of
complex treatment schedules that are difficult
to follow. Some treatments are oral, which
means they are less time invasive on patients’
lives, however the flip side of this can be less
contact with healthcare professionals, and
fewer opportunities to discuss symptoms.
These symptoms can sometimes be difficult
for patients to manage alone, and may lead
to them stopping treatment.
To address this, global pharmaceutical
company Pfizer NZ worked with creative
agency DDB New Zealand to create Caremate.
Caremate is a digital platform designed to
help those with advanced renal cancer take
control of their treatment. The digital format
makes adhering to their treatment
programme and monitoring their condition
easy and convenient regardless of where a
patient is, ultimately helping them achieve
better treatment outcomes.
Pfizer manufactures a medication for renal
cancer patients. The Caremate programme
was prompted by research gathered by Pfizer
NZ in an effort to understand how to
improve the lives of renal cancer patients and
go beyond medication with comprehensive care.
DDB Digital NZ Creative Director, Haydn
Kerr, says that while a creative agency
developing a digital app to support patients
taking a medicine may sound unusual, using
creativity and empathy to solve a medical
challenge makes a world of sense.
“At DDB we believe our role is to create realworld
solutions for the businesses we serve,”
says Kerr. “Caremate is an innovative new
programme that does just that, and we’re
proud to work with Pfizer NZ to bring it to
life for those in need.”
The Caremate app and its support pack work
together to remind patients to take their
medication, record their blood pressure,
mood and symptoms on a daily basis while
tracking their treatment. It also provides
guidance on how to deal with symptoms they
may be experiencing.
Healthcare professionals can access the data
from the app during patient visits to obtain a
more accurate overview of how the
treatment has been working and a better
understanding of how to optimise it.
With a host of success stories in both New
Zealand and Australia, Pfizer is now
assessing how Caremate could be employed
globally for other diseases where patients face
similar challenges.
For Mr Kerr, the fact that Caremate is
already being used daily by patients to
manage their treatment is immensely rewarding.
“We produce work all the time to help
businesses achieve their goals, whatever they
may be, but to see something like this out
there helping people and know that, with the
weight of Pfizer behind it, it might go on to
help many, many more people – it’s a very
cool thing to see and an amazing thing to be a part of.”
Caremate has recently been recognised by the
Australian medical industry, winning the Prime
Award for excellence in Patient Support.