New Zealand Health & Hospital is an A-4-sized, monthly (11 issues per year), colour publication that focusese on news and developments in the New Zealand health sector

If it’s worth sharing, we’ll make sure it gets noticed.

First published as New Zealand Hospital in 1948, it was the official publication of New Zealand’s then Area Health Boards. It has been published privately since the establishment of Crown Health Enterprises, which preceded today’s District Health Boards, in 1993.

New Zealand Health & Hospital is the only magazine in New Zealand to focus on hospital infrastructure and management. Content includes:

  • News from around the nation
  • Community initiatives
  • People appointments
  • Workforce matters
  • Viewpoint
  • Education
  • Management
  • Infrastructure
  • Products and services
  • Information technology
  • Pharmacy
  • Research
  • Publications

New Zealand Health & Hospital is largely contribution-based and a useful vehicle for sharing the successes and experiences that can lead to more informed decision-making or process improvement. We focus on the positive, not the negative, and present material in such a way it allows the reader, rather than the editor, to decide what’s important.

If you need help to get your message across, we can assist too, either as part of the editing process or through added communications consultancy services.

Debbie Monigatti
New Zealand Health & Hospital Ltd